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Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

I think we can all agree that working out at home can be a struggle sometimes. With gyms and leisure centres being closed during quarantine we are being told to exercise at home or outside for an hour a day. If you’re struggling for motivation I tend to list all the benefits and positives of doing exercise in my daily routine. Exercising at home and maintaining an active lifestyle is an important part of keeping both your body and your mind healthy. Suddenly being cut off from in-person social interactions, combined with being stuck inside all day and inactive is a recipe for lack of motivation and even depression. Getting outside in the fresh air, eating healthily, and exercising will help you tremendously until the quarantine is lifted. Things you can do every day to maintain your physical and mental health if you’re isolating at home. - 🏼‍♂️Follow an online exercise class. You don’t need fancy equipment or a lot of time; improvise with tins and household products! Take advantage of the wealth of online exercise classes. Many of these are free and can be found on YouTube or Instagram lives. - Walk, Jog or Run. Even in small spaces, walking around or walking on the spot, can help you remain active. If you have a call, stand or walk around your home while you speak, instead of sitting down. If you decide to go outside to walk or exercise, be sure to maintain at least a 2m distance from other people. - 🧘🏽‍♂️Yoga. There are plenty of online yoga classes. Some Youtube channels even offer complete playlists for beginners so this is a great time to start something new. If you have never done yoga before it is good to know that there are many variations that differ in intensity. - Relax. Meditation and deep breaths can help you remain calm. Before bed or waking up in the morning I listen to 20 minute meditation music which I find puts me in a great mindset inducing positivity and relaxing my mind.

By Avneet a member of our contact team

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