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Caroline Emma Charlton BSc, MSc, and MBPsS

 She started her journey with Just me mental health as an advisor in February 2019, before additionally joining the management team in July 2019. As of 2022, she is now a Just Me Mental Health consultant. She has a first-class honours undergraduate degree in psychology (clinical specialism) and a master's degree in health psychology and is a registered member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). She has further training in emotional health and well-being, suicide prevention, motivational interviewing, solution-focused interviewing and the use of the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale for assessments. She is about to embark on her PhD journey developing an intervention within women's sexual health domain. When not working, Caroline is a self confessed foodie, an avid gamer, and loves to spend time with her friends, family, husband and pets.



Geoff Dixon- founded the group in 2016 after many years of suffering from mental illness; when the group was first started, he had no idea how much it would grow and to the standard it is today. Geoff mainly works in the admin area of the group as this fits in better with his illnesses and family life.
Away from the Group, Geoff loves spending time with his wife Angela and his Sprocker Drake. He also loves days out and fine food and drink.

Manager Assistant  

Sarah Barlow (Assoc CIPD, GMBPsS)

Manager Assistant  

Humeira Iman Zahid


All our advisers are training at all levels of mental health, psychology and counselling in some of the top universities and colleges in the UK. Advisers post every hour on Facebook and offer a one-to-one messenger service via Facebook and our website. They will also signpost you to any relevant services that may help you.

Our Advisors are here from 9 am till 12 midnight, and we currently have 24 members.



We no longer take on people because we need a spot needs filling we will consider all the information given and decided if we need more information, we do this for the safety of our members.

Sadly we do no BDS check our team this is due to cost the way we're set up we may look at changing this at some point.

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